Everybody likes free stuff

Pinchme- You answer questions about your lifestyle and they match you up with free samples to review each month.  You may get things each month or every two months. I just depends on if you match up with the products.  As you can see , you can get pet food, food, and beauty products.  Link below.


Sample Source boxes come out four times a year.  You try before you buy the products and then review them.


BzzAgent- Answer questions about your lifestyles and they match up with usually full size products. I get at least one product , if not two to review. Anything from food to beauty products. Link below.


Crowdtap- You answer questions about different products and while doing so you earn points. While qualifying for free products to test, you also can points to earn $5 gift cards.  You receive full size products to test. I have received mainly hair products and oral health products, to name a few.  This was a random big product but usually I received food and household products.

Winter was not wanting to take a picture. lol


Influenster- Review your favorite products and receive products free to review. I have received food and makeup from this site.



Smiley360- This company notifies you of new products to test.  You answer 5-10 questions and they will let you know if you qualify, usually immediately . The products received come from full size to sample size.  You usually can get 1-2 products from them if you would like a month.  Lately , I have gotten Orajel toothpaste for babies , full size laundry detergent, and also 3 perfume samples that they will be selling at Walmart. Scents included were Vera Wang, Katy Perry, and Nautica.  This site you will share more than the others on your facebook, twitter, pintrest, instagram. They like you to reach a certain amount of points per product review.


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