$6 Lined leggings

This is another item that I grabbed of of Geek/Wish which sells everything from electronics to clothing.  One , please forgive my hair. 🙂  It was a crazy day of trying to get these pics on the computer , while working with a toddler. So, these leggings fit amazingly and are super comfy. I love the extra stretch band at the bottom that I could wrap around my feet and shove into my boot , without a worry of them creeping up. Being 5’8 most things can creep around the ankle.  Plus, running after a toddler your clothes can start to creep. lol.       The lining is so soft , you barely know they are there and they block out the cold also.  Size wise , there is a lot of stretch room int the stomach and rump area. (I wear a size 6 in women’s and 9 in juniors. ) The waist band area runs up to my waist which is great for myself since it doesn’t cut weird, but might run to the under the bra if someone has a smaller torso.  I would recommend wearing these with a sweater dress or a long shirt that runs past the rump. ( Longer than the shirt I am sporting for the pic.) 😉

I give this product a two thumbs up on product description that delivered. I might not ever take them off . 😀                                   https://www.wish.com/FullSizeRender
IMG_0892 (1)

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