Best Activated Charcoal Powder by Sagano Review


Hi Everyone!
I hope you enjoy my review below .
This is listed as a Premium Food Grade Raw Coconut Carbon Bulk – More Effective than Hardwood Activated Charcoal – 100% Natural – Use for Teeth Whitening, Digestion, Detox (Kitchen)
This is an interesting product to use. I like the fact that’s it’s natural and has many uses from teeth whiting and a facial mask to helping aid digestion and upset stomachs.
This product is very fine , so you must be careful . I used a scoop with a handle to get the product out. First I tried the the teeth whiting and sprinkled a little dust on my brush and brushed away. I feel like it lighted a bit for one use.
I next tried it as a mask . I did feel like I was rubbing shoe polish on my face and it made me laugh after. I washed my face three times before grabbing a loofah type sponge to get it off . I added coconut oil to the charcoal, so I know that’s part of the reason it was so hard to get off. My skin did feel better afterward.
I did not try the the charcoal for digestion since I don’t have any issues. This is link for the product on Amazon and
I received this product free for an unbiased review.

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