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1Staple , So Many Options

IMG_1816Living on a budget can tighten the reigns on your wallet , but it can also kick your creativity into high gear. Showing you tons of possibilities for your clothes , that you may not have otherwise thought of.  This light blue denim shirt dress was $15 and a great staple for my closet and many seasons .  The dress offers a button on the sleeves, so you can roll them up during warmer weather and down during the colder weather.

Warm weather

Outfit 1- I paired the dress with cute shimmery sea foam flats, a thin gold belt , and added a lovely large sparkling necklace .



Outfit 2 – Here I paired the dress with some fun wedge sandals and the thin gold belt . I was feeling sassy wearing heels . It’s been awhile . Lol .


Cooler weather

Outfit 3-I changed out the thin belt for a chunky rustic orange colored rope belt. Added olive green leggings and brown boots . IMG_1781

Outfit 4- Here I just added a long printed sweater.  My look is a little disheveled but with two little ones, that’s how I look most of the time, trying to get out the door. 😁



Outfit 5-I switched out the long sweater for sweater blazer and added the belt over the top , for a dresser look. I then switched my leggings to black and finished the look with brown ankle boots .



Outfit 6- Here I just switched out the belt for a dark brown wide belt . Another dressy look, but it gives the outfit a little something extra.



I love how one item can be so versatile . I could have kept going , changing out  shoes, leggings, sweaters , and accessories .

What is your clothing piece of many disguises ?  I would love to see the combos , you come up with.