Review of 1960 NY Capsule CC cream

I was given the opportunity to try and test out 1960 ny Capsule CC cream. This was an interesting product . It is a watery jelly like substance, cool to the touch with beads of color in it. The instructions say to apply a sunscreen before applying the product. As you apply the CC Cream to your face the beads pop and the color is released. I had to try it a few different times before getting the hang of it. The first time I had way too much. The jelly spreads a lot and it feels wet. So I rubbed it around a ton. As the jelly drys it becomes tacky , then you need to wait another Minute for it to dry and become matte. My skin felt nice after it dried. I had a few dry spots on my face that the product settled into . As you can see in the after photo , my face is more uniformed in color . Pros- It felt good on my face at the beginning and end of the process . Cons- For a mom on the go, it was a little difficult to use when in a hurry. -Even though it felt good on my skin, it still left dry patches. Which I hadn’t noticed before applying . I think this would be good for people with slightly oily. For me this wasn’t a good fit. IMG_1049

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