Vegging out

A few weeks ago my sister, friend and I decided to go no meat vegetarian for a week.  This all started after watching What the Health and we opened Pandora’s Box.   Of course , we always knew things like that meat comes from animals and dairy comes from cows and goats.  Well…. we know these things, but I don’t think we really grasp the severity of the situation.    At that moment I was very conscious of what I was eating . Also, the fact that the restaurant we  were eating at, had a limited selection for vegetarians. Now I’m thinking “Is this a good Idea?”

Our week went surprisingly well.  I added a fb page , so we could share our meal ideas and get inspired.  Also, my sister had been a vegetarian for a few years, so she had tons of tips for us.  This made shopping and meal planning a lot easier.  During the week  I noticed that I was staying fuller longer, instead of grabbing a snack every few minutes.  I also noticed that I was getting all of my servings of veggies in each day.  Normally , I would get one in if I was lucky.  Since, most fruit and vegetables are self-made on the go foods, it was easy to have everything right at our fingertips .

Now, here we are two weeks later still enjoying a vegetarian lifestyle . We all feel great and enjoy what we eat. As a bonus my friend has lost 10lbs so far!

For me , I believe that this is the start to a beautiful lifelong relationship.

Below are some delicious meals that we’ve made over the past few weeks.  We swapped our animal meats for black bean burgers, veggie burgers, veggie chicken burgers , veggie bacon and tofu.


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