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Hi all,
Recently I reviewed a pair of yoga pants from Oalka and  I have to say that they are so comfy, lightweight, and fit true to size . I wore these pants to workout, go out to eat wearing a long top over them , and they were even so comfy that I wore them to bed.  I live in an area that has high humidity and I never got that sticky or gross feeling while wearing these pants . I had a baby (c-section) 2 months ago and I love the way these pants cover my stomach and hold it in . I don’t know about you but my stomach muscles need a little help. I am also 5’8 and super happy with the fact that the pants go to my ankles and are not short. Last but not least the pants have an inside pocket that you could fit your keys in or your phone. I was able to fit my iPhone 6 inside it. (Pocket is about 2 1/2 inches deep).   This would come in handy when your going for a walk or light jog.  Needless to say that these a my new favorite pants to wear.

I received this product free for a 100% unbiased review

I would have added a picture, but the system had a problem loading it but you can see a picture of the product in the link below.


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